Cyber Essentials

Protect Your Business with Cyber Essentials Certification

Strengthen Your Defenses Against Common Cyber Threats. Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed certification scheme that helps businesses like yours defend against the most common cyberattacks.

Simple Steps, Big Impact. This program focuses on five key technical controls that significantly improve your overall cybersecurity posture. These controls reduce the likelihood of attacks and minimize potential damage if they occur.

Your Trusted Partner for Cyber Essentials. Be Secure Cyber is an IASME accredited certification body and NCSC approved Cyber Advisor. We offer comprehensive support throughout your Cyber Essentials journey, from self-assessment guidance to expert advice for organizations new to cybersecurity.

Streamlined Process, Affordable Cost. For micro-businesses, Cyber Essentials starts at just £320 +VAT. This includes access to the self-assessment portal, cyber insurance, and one free retest. Our dedicated team will ensure you meet all deadlines for approval.

Benefits of Cyber Essentials:

  • Reduced Risk of Attacks: Protect your business from common cyber threats.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: Strengthen your overall cybersecurity defenses.
  • Increased Trust: Boost confidence with clients and suppliers.
  • Government Contract Eligibility: Qualify for government tenders requiring Cyber Essentials.
  • Affordable Investment: Get certified at a cost-effective price.

Secure your business’s future today by reaching out to our dedicated team at Be Secure Cyber for comprehensive and affordable Cyber Essentials solutions!