IASME Cyber Baseline

Simplify Cybersecurity: Achieve IASME Cyber Baseline Certification

Protect Your Business with Essential Cyber Hygiene. The IASME Cyber Baseline certification is a new, international program that verifies your organization’s commitment to fundamental cybersecurity practices. This cost-effective solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Demonstrate Your Commitment, Gain Trust. By achieving IASME Cyber Baseline certification, you showcase your dedication to protecting your data and your clients’ information. This builds trust and confidence within your business network.

Clear Path to Stronger Security. The IASME Cyber Baseline standard aligns with the ISO 27001 framework, providing a solid foundation for your cybersecurity journey. It’s a stepping stone towards achieving more advanced security postures in the future.

Simple Process, Fast Results. Be Secure Cyber can streamline your path to IASME Cyber Baseline certification. We offer support throughout the process, including:

  • Self-Assessment Guidance: Help you navigate the self-assessment process.
  • Expert Review: Review your assessment by a qualified IASME assessor (optional).

Maintaining Compliance. The IASME Cyber Baseline certificate is valid for one year. Be Secure Cyber can assist you with annual renewals to ensure continuous compliance.

If you are an international organisation, contact us today to learn more about the IASME Cyber Baseline certification and how we can help you achieve certification.