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    Vulnerability Scanning

    Vulnerability scanning is a critical part of any cyber security strategy.

    It allows organizations to show that they are taking a proactive approach to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in their systems and networks, before they can be exploited by attackers.

    Be Secure Cyber will always give you a jargon free explanation of what the scans mean, as well as a full technical report. We know it is often difficult to navigate hundreds of pages of technical output.

    Be Secure Cyber offers vulnerability scanning services to SMEs and charities from our base in Glasgow. We use the latest tools and techniques to identify a wide range of vulnerabilities, including:  
    • Missing patches
    • Outdated software
    • Open ports
    • Weak passwords
    • Misconfigured systems
    • Common application vulnerabilities
    • Changes to externally visible ports and services

    Reduce the risk of attacks and improve the security posture of your organisation.

    We offer a full range of  internal and external vulnerability scanning services ranging from one off scans for a specific requirement to periodic or fully managed scanning services to ensure you stay one step ahead of cyber attacks. Contact us today to find out more.